We help utilities maximise their data

As the utility sector becomes increasingly diverse and complex, with technology creating exciting new possibilities to explore, it is our mission to optimise this digital transformation and accelerate the adaptation of smart energy solutions.

Working closely with our clients, we gain an in-depth understanding of existing systems, structures and ways of working. Then we seamlessly integrate business processes and bridge the gap between different technological silos to optimise resources, expand opportunity and inspire success.

The sole focus of our highly experienced team of developers is to deliver tangible results for your organisation. We overcome complex challenges with deceptively simple solutions that will propel your organisation towards your strategic goals.

Experts in data integration

Since being established in April 2013, Similix has gained a reputation for handling complex integration projects with great professionalism and personal attention to detail.

Our first major project resulted in the first ever successful integration of Esri GIS with Schneider Electric ADMS. This involved implementing the CIM-based continuous synchronisation of GIS data edits to the data staging area in the Schneider Electric ADMS.

Since then, we have worked extensively on optimising the retrieval, storage and visualisation of real-time data, such as that from wind turbines, then exploiting its potential through GIS integration. A number of Similix projects have also used the OSIsoft product suite to integrate real-time alarm data from wind turbines with applications in control centres.

In recent years, our team of developers has created a data mapping and migration engine. The design of this suite of tools builds on our years of experience in system integration and provides what we consider to be the optimum workflow and functionality for robust, flexible data migration.