Utility Network Mapping Tool

Identify and configure all the data to be migrated

With a user-friendly GUI, the UN Mapping Tool makes it easy to assess and prepare all the data that requires transferring to the Esri Utility Network. Users control how they migrate from the old platform to the new by stepping through the source data and defining the treatment needed to ensure a successful transfer. A built-in migration facility is included to help users evaluate the suitability of the mapping.

In an existing enterprise ArcGIS system, assets are grouped into feature classes, subtypes and favourites. A geometric network may also have been created to support tracing and analysis. To take advantage of Esri Utility Network’s expanded set of features, it is necessary to migrate this assortment of data types using an effective mapping technique. By running a series of sample migrations, users can determine the optimum data transfer solution.

To reach the optimum data transfer solution, the UN Mapping tool helps users define and evaluate data migration rules, optimisations and changes to the target data model. The first set of sample migrations will most likely provide insight for changes and corrections to be made to the final target data model. The subsequent sample migrations will then have greater focus on optimising data migration rules.

Here’s how it works.

  1. Create a name for each new mapping project and define both the source and target databases 
  2. Refine and filter the source data by subtype or attribute to align it with the target data model – or more than one target, if appropriate
  3. Define the mapping of domain value data in case source and target data domains are not identical
  4. Define the mapping of geometry from the source feature class or sub type to the target asset type
  5. Define mapping of attribute data from source to target including the ability to split and merge attribute information when needed
  6. If necessary, define the formatting of geometry to be included in the migration
  7. Define associations rules for the planned utility network
  8. Run the sample migration.

The UN Mapping Tool for Esri Utility Network enables users to begin migrating their asset data immediately after downloading the tool. The facility to perform numerous sample migrations ensures the process will only result in high quality Utility Network data.