Utility Network Migration Suite

The solution for Esri Utility Network data migration
As utility companies become increasingly diverse and complex, Esri’s new Utility Network offers the enhanced functionality needed to control and optimise the ever-expanding variety of assets. However, Utility Network is not compatible with previous Esri systems, so data from the old platform must be migrated to the new platform before uses can enjoy the full benefits of the software. To carry out this task, Similix have created the

UN Migration Suite

This deceptively simple solution transfers users’ GIS data to the new Esri UN platform in three distinct stages. By mapping the data to be transferred, migrating it swiftly to the new platform, then integrating it throughout the organisation, the UN Migration Suite enables users to experience the full benefits of Esri Utility Network.
The three products that deliver this solution are:

Utility Network Mapping Tool
Utility Network Migration Engine
Utility Network Integrator

The source and target data model are imported at the initial configuration stage of the Utility Network Migration Suite. It is capable of handling data from any source data model and transferring it to any target data model. This makes the UN Migration Suite the ideal solution for all aspects of the utility sector: Electric, Gas, Water, Wastewater and Telco.